What Qualities Do Men Find Attractive In Women?

Ask any woman the qualities that make a man attractive to her and she will stream out a torrent of qualities that serve as a scale to determine a person’s suitability as a mate. Asking the same woman the qualities that men find attractive in women will be met with a quizzical look. There are qualities that men love to find in women and it is a lot more than the physical qualities:


An honest woman is a gem to every man. This quality tops any list of traits men love in their woman. A man loves a woman who is true to herself and the people around her. She will not try so hard to be somebody she isn’t. Though honesty does not mean being too open when she meets a man, she should be truthful with the answers she gives about her life.


Confidence is one quality that most men find really attractive. Confident women do not seek appreciation from men or other women to feel good about themselves. A confident woman knows her worth, her strengths and has a conviction that she is unique in her own ways. She will not try to hurt other people’s pride to elevate her own.


A man feels really deflated when he has put a lot of thought in something to make his woman happy, and it is not appreciated. Even a simple ‘thank you’ is sufficient in most cases. A woman who appreciates other people is really attractive to a man because he knows she will appreciate him too.


Men, being visual, are attracted to women who make the effort to look good. A sense of style hardly means that the woman jumps into every fad. It doesn’t mean being outrageous. A stylish woman knows that simplicity is of the essence. She grooms herself just right and can dress well.

Fun to Be With

Men love a woman who enjoys life and makes everyone around her happy and at ease. She will be adventurous and will try new things without being too much on it. It is helpful if she smiles a lot too. A happy woman is a beautiful woman all the time and men fall for this every time.


Show me a man who doesn’t love a faithful woman, and I’ll show you a man who isn’t sure about himself. A woman who is loyal is not easily swept away by other men; rather, she sticks to her man no matter what. If she is loyal to her friends and family, a man takes this as a sign that the woman will be loyal to him.

Wonder no more what men find attractive in women. How many of the qualities above do you possess?

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