My List of Top Dating Websites in 2024

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If you are looking for online dating sites then you should focus only on the best dating apps. Otherwise, you will waste both time and money on low-quality apps.

So, let’s see the list of my top dating sites:

1. is used by thousands of individuals every day to make friends, find a date, and maybe, just maybe, find someone to fall in love with. Yes, it is a dating site, so there is some risk involved. However, uses your profile details and matches you reasonably accurately. Here’s why it works.

Information Sharing Options

I get it. Nothing is creepier than giving away too much information upfront. Some sites force you to share so much information that things start feeling more like a job interview than searching for love. is different. It gives you the option to either disclose or withhold specific bits of information about yourself. However, they do encourage you to share as much as possible to get accurate matches.

Good Matches

I created a spoof account just to poke around a little bit, and considering the stingy amount of information I provided, actually did a fair job of providing me with some great matches. I was actually surprised at how well it worked.

Easy To View and Be Viewed

The methods you can use to connect are great. You can contact someone with a message or send them a coy little wink. You can also see who has viewed your profile. Even more exciting, you can see who has favorited your profile.

Overall, is a fairly transparent and open website. It is totally user-friendly and a lot of fun. Signing up and looking around is free, giving you an excellent opportunity to see what kind of person is using this site in your area and see if there’s someone waiting for you to snatch their heart away. You can also create a free account to test the service before purchasing a paid membership. This site is perfect for helping you connect with some really great people. You can read my complete, honest reviews here.

2. eHarmony

eHarmony is currently one of the largest and smartest dating websites on the market right now. The website takes everything into account when trying to match compatible individuals with each other. It is immensely popular with users, the personality test is intuitive, and the value is worthwhile and actually tempting for those who are accustomed to free online dating services.


The entire point of an online dating website is to be matched with like-minded individuals with who you may be compatible with. eHarmony just so happens to have a comprehensive system of features that offers a few talking points with an ideal partner to kick things off. Before you ever match, though, a test will be administered to narrow down the results. This test is probably one of the most comprehensive of any dating website currently available.

If you’d prefer a more hands-on approach, there is even an active user forum available to chat with people from across the globe. eHarmony really takes into account what people want and enjoy using.


eHarmony is one of the few online dating websites that has monthly memberships in place for its users. Some may find these to be expensive; however, depending on which option you select, you may end up paying almost $55 per month, which is far too much when there are free options available on the internet. I only recommend eHarmony to people who are looking for serious relationships.


Like any good website, there are cons to using eHarmoney, such as the limited free communication options, the extensive time it takes to complete your profile, and the inability to search for your own matches based on user-chosen criteria. Instead, eHarmony chooses your matches and shoves them to the forefront of your dashboard.


Overall, eHarmony is a great option for those who take online dating seriously. You can also create a free account, and if needed, you can upgrade to premium membership later. If you’d prefer a cheap option, there are some available. For more information, please read our detailed eHarmony reviews here.

eHarmony is costlier than, so it falls to 2nd position in my top dating websites. If you want to compare both sites, I recommend reading the reviews of both the sites.

3. EliteSingles

If you’re looking for a college-educated love match, EliteSingles may be the right dating site for you. Using this service is particularly beneficial if you live in Los Angeles, New York City, or another major U.S. city and want to find other singles near you. EliteSingles also matches singles in Canada, the UK, and other countries worldwide. The site claims to make around 2,500 love connections each month. About 80 percent of the members have university degrees, and roughly 90 percent of these singles are over the age of 30.

How EliteSingles Works

After creating an online account, you’ll be notified of three to seven possible matches each day based on your location, personality profile, education, and personal preferences. Whether you’re trying to meet someone who shares the same faith as you, enjoys a particular activity, or has a similar outlook on dating, EliteSingles makes it easy for you to find the right person. You’ll also receive expert profile advice so that you can create a profile that attracts all the right attention.

Membership Options

If you want to try the site and conduct your own EliteSingles review, you can sign up for a basic, free membership that allows you to still create a profile, upload photos, and see partner suggestions. You can then sign up for a paid premium membership, which gives you access to additional features such as unlimited messaging and mobile app usage. If you decide to sign up for a premium membership, you’ll be charged a fee that equates to anywhere from $12.95 up to $59.95 per month. Your subscription fee will be taken in one lump sum once a year instead of being debited every month.

User Safety

EliteSingles works hard to ensure your safety while using the site by verifying every profile for authenticity. SSL encryption, fraud detection, and other security measures are further used to make the site safer for you to use.