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Just about everyone in the dating world has either thought about or tried online dating. The benefits are enormous: you get to pre-screen and chat with men and women right from the comfort of your home, and many people find that forever love match that they are seeking. One of the most popular dating sites is It has received its distinguished reputation by being one of the most long standing platforms for online dating. Having been around since 1995, millions of user in 24 countries have finally found love. Now you can receive a 25% promo code just by following the link on this website.

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The Guarantee is pretty certain that you will find a love match by utilizing their site. In fact, they say that if you purchase a 6-month subscription to their site, and you are unsuccessful in that 6 month period in finding romance, then they will give you an additional 6 months of free usage. Of course, there are rules, such as you must create a truthful profile and be earnestly searching out a love match. Specifically, you must send or receive communication from at least 5 members per month in order for you to look like you’re making a genuine effort to make a connection. They’ve had so many success stories from their users that they are positive you’ll find happiness too. You can know more about here.

Why Pay for Dating?

What better to get you in the door than by offering a 25% off coupon? Many online daters, especially new ones, feel like they should not have to pay to find love. However, once you see and experience the platform that offers its users, you’ll understand why they charge to use their services. With a big discount like 25% off, you’ll feel much better about that initial fee, and you can be on your way to creating matches. Just follow the link on this page to get that hefty discount.

One question that online daters ask about these dating sites is, do they offer free usage? The answer is yes, there are many sites that offer users the chance to create a profile and search out as many love matches that they want. presents this same option for its users too. You can actually get your feet wet (so to speak) into’s site by making a free profile. If you’re new to online dating, this is important because many newbies have hesitations about finding love online, and so they would like to test it out a little bit before paying for a subscription.

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With the free option, you can go ahead and create the perfect profile, upload a picture, and look at the thousands of potential romances that you can connect with. The problem with the free option, though, is that if you find some men or women to connect with, all you can send them is a “wink,” which is just an icon stating that you’re interested in them. The free option does not allow you access to send or receive messages. If you create a free profile on, you will see that this becomes an instant problem because you can’t move forward with any connections without being able to message them.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to test the waters by making a free profile, but be prepared to sign up for one of their subscription packages. On their site, they tell you that their rates change and may vary and that they will give you a price determined by what rates are currently available to you. So, you’ll have to sign-up to learn your exact price or follow the link to receive the 25% off promo code. With so many satisfied users, it must be worth the cost.

Subscription Packages

Let’s take a look at their subscription packages. They offer 4 different time spans that you can choose from: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. If you choose to subscribe for more than just a month, then the payment is due in full for that length of time you want. With a subscription, you get many benefits that you don’t get with the free profile. They are:

• You can receive and reply to messages that you get in your inbox
• You can send as many messages as you want to any other user
• You can see who has looked at your profile
• You can use the IM feature, which is faster than sending an email message
• There’s a tool to keep track of all of your open connections in one place, including those users you’ve sent winks and likes to
• You are invited to events, where you can end up meeting that love target
• You can delete certain people from your match results that you wish not to be there anymore

So, you see that you get much more out of the online dating experience if you just spring for one of the subscription packages. If you choose to just pay for a month, you will not lose your profile or any connections that you have saved once the month has run out. You will just simply need to renew before you can resume using the features listed above. A 25% off link on this page can certainly get you closer to making that love match, even if you opt for the 1-month package.

Just about anyone in the world can find their true love by getting involved with online dating sites like It doesn’t matter where you live, whether you’re young or old, gay or straight, there is someone out there to connect with. prides themselves on being the #1 online dating site in the world. They even have partner sites like 50+ Dating, Black Dating, and Christian Dating. With this great 25% off promo code on this page, you can go to now and start creating your profile.