Our Favorite 5 Dating Tips for Men

Getting into the dating game can be tricky with you constantly worrying if you are doing everything correctly. Honestly, most people need a bit of help when it comes to dating, and there are a number of tips that you should consider when going on a date. These tips may help you make the date successful whether it is the first or the fifth.

Remember Your Manners

Having manners can go a long way, and you should keep this in mind. If your date looks good, you should compliment them. Of course, this is something that you should play by ear because while some women find their date opening the door for them or helping them down from the curb charming others might consider it is condescending. When your date is talking, you should also remember little facts that she offers because this can endear you to her later.

Be Confident

Everyone is nervous on first dates, but you should always try and be confident. To increase your confidence, you should talk about some topics that you are comfortable with. However, you have to delicately balance this with your date’s interest because no-one wants to hear their date going on about something they love and never get a word in. This is why it is recommended that you try and date someone who has similar interests because you will both be comfortable during the conversation.

Keep The First Date Casual

Going out for drinks or coffee is fine for a first date. Many people assume that first dates should be an expensive and formal affair, but this could actually make the whole date awkward. If you take someone you have never really met before for a 7-course meal you might find that you both know this is not going to work by the second course, you will then have to uncomfortably sit through the rest of the meal. It is also recommended that you keep first and second dates to weekdays, but after this, you should schedule for the weekend.

Consider First Impressions

Research has shown that we make our first assumptions about people within the first 7 seconds of meeting them. This is something you have to keep in mind particularly for first dates. While your ripped jeans might be lucky for you, you need to consider how it makes you appear.

You should check that your hair and clothing is all neat before you go on the date. You should also get to the date early, so you have time to relax before you date arrives.

Always Pay Attention

While we are all addicted to our phones, you should consider turning it off during a date. You also need to remember that your date should be the center of your attention for the time you are together. Pay attention when your date is speaking because they are probably paying attention to you as well. Don’t try covertly looking at your watch or phone because there is always the chance that you are not as stealthy as you think.

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The Beginner’s Guide On What Not To Mention When On A First Date

When watching the television shows about how that girl met that boy and then become that couple, it seems quite simple. The idea of dating seems easy to manage without any complexities of who should say what; but, honestly, that is all make-believe and Hollywood speaking. In reality, while dating should be easy, it rarely is. The first date will often have people rushing about, sweating, terrified of creating the wrong impression irrespective of your age or dating history. The question is: how do you make it through the first date without seeming a complete fool? Surely, there must be some guidelines? This article provides you with those guidelines and will share some top tips on what not to mention on a first date.

1. Money

The first item to avoid at all costs is that of money. Many people feel that money is one of the most important factors in life, but this does not mean you should push this belief on another person who may not share your opinion. In addition, raising the issue of money may lead the person to believe they are only interested in individuals with a strong financial background. This may be true, but you don’t want anyone to know that this early on in the relationship. For a first date, the only time money should be intentionally discussed is when paying the bill; otherwise, leave this topic discussion for much later in the relationship.

2. Past Relationships

The majority of past relationships tend to present with bad memories or depressing tales, so why would you wish to regale your new love interest with this on a first date? The saying goes that misery loves company, but it is unlikely that this situation can be attributed to a “misery loves company” concept. When embarking on a new relationship you will want to show how light-hearted and exciting you can be, not focus on the turmoil in your previous relationships. In addition, a bad reflection of your past love life may make the new flame wonder whether pursuing something is worthwhile or if it will lead to more bad memories for the two of you. Keep the past in the past and do not bring it up until much later on when you are more comfortable around the other individual.

3. Politics

While it is beneficial to discuss the events of the day and indicate your interest in the world’s politics, it may be necessary to tread lightly in this arena. New daters on a first date may be better off to touch on the topic if impossible to avoid the issue otherwise avoid politics altogether, especially if the other individual is of a different political stance. This may be a worrying feature as people who are interested in politics but from different political viewpoints may not have a good relationship; but don’t you want to make it through the first date? By avoiding this topic, it is possible to speak about various other aspects of your personalities and get to know those traits before dealing with politics.

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What Qualities Do Men Find Attractive In Women?

Ask any woman the qualities that make a man attractive to her and she will stream out a torrent of qualities that serve as a scale to determine a person’s suitability as a mate. Asking the same woman the qualities that men find attractive in women will be met with a quizzical look. There are qualities that men love to find in women and it is a lot more than the physical qualities:


An honest woman is a gem to every man. This quality tops any list of traits men love in their woman. A man loves a woman who is true to herself and the people around her. She will not try so hard to be somebody she isn’t. Though honesty does not mean being too open when she meets a man, she should be truthful with the answers she gives about her life.


Confidence is one quality that most men find really attractive. Confident women do not seek appreciation from men or other women to feel good about themselves. A confident woman knows her worth, her strengths and has a conviction that she is unique in her own ways. She will not try to hurt other people’s pride to elevate her own.


A man feels really deflated when he has put a lot of thought in something to make his woman happy, and it is not appreciated. Even a simple ‘thank you’ is sufficient in most cases. A woman who appreciates other people is really attractive to a man because he knows she will appreciate him too.


Men, being visual, are attracted to women who make the effort to look good. A sense of style hardly means that the woman jumps into every fad. It doesn’t mean being outrageous. A stylish woman knows that simplicity is of the essence. She grooms herself just right and can dress well.

Fun to Be With

Men love a woman who enjoys life and makes everyone around her happy and at ease. She will be adventurous and will try new things without being too much on it. It is helpful if she smiles a lot too. A happy woman is a beautiful woman all the time and men fall for this every time.


Show me a man who doesn’t love a faithful woman, and I’ll show you a man who isn’t sure about himself. A woman who is loyal is not easily swept away by other men; rather, she sticks to her man no matter what. If she is loyal to her friends and family, a man takes this as a sign that the woman will be loyal to him.

Wonder no more what men find attractive in women. How many of the qualities above do you possess?

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