eHarmony VS Match – Which Is The Best Dating Site?

The modern dating world is already tough enough, and it can get even more difficult when you have to weed through all the dating apps and websites available. In modern dating, there are countless people just looking for an easy hookup, so it is important to find the site that actually helps you to meet like-minded individuals. Eharmony and Match remain two of the biggest websites for people looking to find a true connection. I’ve used both websites while attempting to meet people, and I think they both definitely have their own unique sets of pros and cons. Depending on your needs, you might find that one is the better option. When trying to decide which website is the best choice, be sure to keep these items in mind.

The Matches

Of course, the main thing that people focus on when trying to choose between eHarmony and Match is the accuracy of their matching software. The main benefit of using an online dating website is that it helps you to sort through a vast number of users to find the people who have a complementary personality and share interests with you. The programming used by Eharmony and Match is very different. uses a matching formula that takes into account four different aspects. Not only does it consider your survey answers about what you look for in a partner, but it also considers who you actually message. also uses its vast amount of data, which goes back 16 years, to consider what makes matches work. If you have a profile similar to someone else who successfully met a person on, the matching algorithm will attempt to match you with the type of person that your “profile twin” also had success with.

The matching algorithm at eHarmony was developed by social and relationship psychologists, and it mostly relies on your answers to the detailed questionnaire you answer when you first join the site. The most important factors taken into account are your levels of optimism, your levels of extroversion, your levels of agreeableness, your opinion on spirituality, your level of desire for passion, and your level of desire for emotional intimacy.

The Sign up Process

Most people tend to sign up for a dating website on whim, so ease of sign up can help you to decide which website is right for you. The sign up is quick and easy, but actually matching with people takes more time. Some people may not even get any potential matches for up to 24 hours. This means that you cannot quickly sign up for the site and start dating.

EHarmony’s sign up process is somewhat lengthier than’s but it provides more immediate results. You have to start with a lengthy questionnaire that requires you to fill out many different answers. However, after finishing this, you can immediately see who you are matched with. You do not actually have to subscribe and pay for the service unless you want to actually meet your matches, so this can keep you from wasting money if there is no one who meets your requirements on eHarmony.

The User Experience

The user experience associated with eHarmony and is very different. Both websites offer a desktop version and apps for various devices. Though’s website offers more options for users, some find it a little difficult to figure out. The two websites have similarly convenient apps, but has apps available for more devices, including the Apple Watch. Actually using the two websites to find matches is a very different experience. does provide some recommendations based on how closely you match with a person, but it allows you to search through everyone in your area. The vast amount of options can be filtered through categories such as education, body type, marital status, and even whether or not the person drinks alcohol. You can contact people based on how you feel about their profile, so there are a lot of options available.

Generally, people find that eHarmony is a little simpler to use, but it does offer fewer choices. Instead of allowing you to search through all profiles, you only see those who are matched with you by the eHarmony matching algorithm. When you sign up for eHarmony, you are only shown the profiles of people who are matched with you. This can make the whole experience a little less overwhelming, and the site itself is typically a little easier to use.

The Associated Costs

Both dating websites require you to pay for the site, and this can be a little expensive for the person on a budget. They use subscription based fees that come with some risks since it is hard to stop paying for the website if you want to stop using it. Most users report that tends to have slightly more issues with auto-renewing subscriptions and double-billing customers accidentally, so eHarmony’s costs may be a little more convenient.

When it comes to comparing costs of eHarmony VS Match, is typically the winner. Unlike eHarmony, you can just sign up for one month, instead of subscribing, for $41.99. It’s basic plan is $26.99 a month for a three month subscription or 23.99 per month for a 6 month subscription. A year long subscription to is $20.99 per month.

EHarmony is pricier than in the short term since a 3 month subscription is $59.95 per month or $39.95 per month for a 6 month subscription. However, those who want a long term subscription will actually end up paying less for eHarmony. A year long subscription for eHarmony is only $18.95 per month. You can pay a little more for extra features such as phone calls and verified identification.

The Dating Process

Once you make a match on either site, the process of actually going on a date with the person is slightly varied. Since eHarmony offers more safety options, many users find that they worry less about the potential dangers of online dating when they are going on an eHarmony date. The rational, scientific approach to matches on eHarmony often results in more clinical dates. Many people report feeling like they are being interviewed when they go on an eHarmony date. Some people find this bluntness refreshing while others do not see it as very romantic.

The dating experience provided by matches from is more similar to dating in the real world. Since it is very quick and easy to sign up and start meeting people, dates are often a little more spontaneous. offers a lot of great live events for areas with a lot of members. These events include things like cooking classes, happy hour meetups, and outdoors events, so they can be a great way to meet people you have matched with. They also provide a collection of dual-player online games at their site. This allows a lot more fun, stress-free interactions with your matches.

The Typical User Base

You can generally end up meeting different types of people when you are trying to use or eHarmony. Depending on the type of people and the type of relationship you are looking for, one website may be a better option for you.

Unlike eHarmony, deletes inactive profiles, so you do not run the risk of being matched with someone who is no longer using the site. It has a larger audience at 3,076,000 more visitors per month, so you do have more chances of meeting a good partner on Many LGBT users find that offers more options for them to meet potential partners. However, the high number of casual users on means that some people end up being bothered by people who just want a quick hookup.

EHarmony may have a smaller user base, but the people on its website tend to be more interested in long term relationships instead of casual dates. Many people find it reassuring that eHarmony does not allow separated yet not actually divorced people to use their website, so they do not risk matching with someone who will end up remaining married. The gender differences in eHarmony VS Match also mean that eHarmony is the better choice if you want to match with a female since it has a higher ratio of women on its website than men.

The Verdict

After trying out both, I have to say that was better for my needs, and it seems like a lot of other users agree. Though eHarmony has great options for people wanting a long term relationship, the wider selection of potential partners offered by just provides more chances of making a connection. provides a more intuitive matching algorithm, and it also has a better price, more flexible subscription plans, and more convenient app options. For people who want a rational approach to finding a stable relationship, eHarmony may be a better choice, but people who just want to expand their general dating pool will probably enjoy the options of