How You Can Save More On

These days, a lot of people aren’t meeting their partners in an old-fashioned way. Instead, people are connecting with potential love interested on dating sites. Although there are a number of dating sites out there, has the best reputation.

What makes so special? For one, it has a massive user base. In addition, it has an excellent matchmaking algorithm. You’ll be able to meet someone that you are incredibly compatible with.

If you’re interested in, but don’t want to pay the full price, keep reading. You’ll be able to learn how you can save on a membership.

1. Sign Up For A Free Trial

Because is confident in their ability to find a match for you, they offer a free trial. You’ll be able to try out the service at no cost for a period of time.

Signing up for a free trial is very easy! It won’t take you much time, and you’ll be able to see everything that has to offer. From there, you can begin to take a closer look at some of your matches.

Unlike most free trials, you won’t have to pay after a certain amount of time. However, you will have to pay if you want to take advantage of all of the site’s services. You won’t be able to send messages to other members unless you decide to sign up for membership.

2. Make Sure You’re On The Mailing List

When you sign up for your free membership, you should be added to the site’s mailing list. With that said, you should confirm that you’re on their mailing list and able to get messages from them. If their messages are going into your spam folder, you may need to whitelist them.

It’s important to make sure you are able to receive communication that is sending you. If they’re offering some kind of special deal, you want to make sure you can take full advantage of it. Don’t assume that you’re on their mailing list; make sure messages are coming through.

3. Get A Discount

If you really want to get a membership for less, you should work with a site that offers a membership discount. That’s something that you can get at If you go through them, you’ll be able to save as much as 71% on your membership using their coupons.

They have discounts available for all of’s plans, from the 3-month plan to the 12-month plan. You’ll be able to get a plan that is perfectly suited to your needs, and you’ll be able to get it for far less than the normal cost.

If you want to meet your special someone, you should definitely sign up for a membership. There are a number of ways you can get your membership at a discounted rate. Many people have met the person they eventually married through If you give the site a try, the same thing may wind up happening to you.

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What Qualities Do Men Find Attractive In Women?

Ask any woman the qualities that make a man attractive to her and she will stream out a torrent of qualities that serve as a scale to determine a person’s suitability as a mate. Asking the same woman the qualities that men find attractive in women will be met with a quizzical look. There are qualities that men love to find in women and it is a lot more than the physical qualities:


An honest woman is a gem to every man. This quality tops any list of traits men love in their woman. A man loves a woman who is true to herself and the people around her. She will not try so hard to be somebody she isn’t. Though honesty does not mean being too open when she meets a man, she should be truthful with the answers she gives about her life.


Confidence is one quality that most men find really attractive. Confident women do not seek appreciation from men or other women to feel good about themselves. A confident woman knows her worth, her strengths and has a conviction that she is unique in her own ways. She will not try to hurt other people’s pride to elevate her own.


A man feels really deflated when he has put a lot of thought in something to make his woman happy, and it is not appreciated. Even a simple ‘thank you’ is sufficient in most cases. A woman who appreciates other people is really attractive to a man because he knows she will appreciate him too.


Men, being visual, are attracted to women who make the effort to look good. A sense of style hardly means that the woman jumps into every fad. It doesn’t mean being outrageous. A stylish woman knows that simplicity is of the essence. She grooms herself just right and can dress well.

Fun to Be With

Men love a woman who enjoys life and makes everyone around her happy and at ease. She will be adventurous and will try new things without being too much on it. It is helpful if she smiles a lot too. A happy woman is a beautiful woman all the time and men fall for this every time.


Show me a man who doesn’t love a faithful woman, and I’ll show you a man who isn’t sure about himself. A woman who is loyal is not easily swept away by other men; rather, she sticks to her man no matter what. If she is loyal to her friends and family, a man takes this as a sign that the woman will be loyal to him.

Wonder no more what men find attractive in women. How many of the qualities above do you possess?

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Some Unique Design Ideas For Your Home

No matter where one goes their homes will always have great significance. Home is a place to come back to, it’s the place you grow up in, every inch and quarter of one’s home contains a memory or many memories. Therefore when you seek to renovate or perhaps move into a new home it’s not uncommon to look for some ideas which may help you to be design it better and according to your needs.

For some, home is a simple and quite place, for some others home is a way to express their personalities and for others home is their canvas. Given below are a range of ideas you may incorporate in your homes or be inspired from them and do something better.

Ideas for the bedroom

  1. You can have an aquarium designed around your bed. For all those who like to be around water or are looking for something cool to do this can truly prove to be an excellent option. The aquarium lights can add a soothing light to your room at night and if you don’t like seeping alone or with the lights off you can always be sure you aren’t alone.
  1. You can also experiment with your beds. There are several cool ideas for beds if you aren’t looking for anything simple. Some opt for a water bed, they like the feel of it when they sleep. Some others like beds which are like hammocks. It’s a perfect bed to cosy up on and gets a very rustic feel.

Home designIdeas for living room

  • The first really intriguing idea that comes to mind is getting a spiral staircase in the living room it can prove to be seriously popular with the guests and is a favourite amongst all those renovating their homes.
  • You can also opt for an indoor slide if you are one of the fun loving couples, trying to experiment with their homes.
  • Fire places are also a hit with many people designing their homes.

Ideas for dining room

  1. Your dining room can be designed in the form of a swing set. The table being static and the chairs in the form of swings. It will be a really nice feel for both adults and kids.
  2. Your dining room can also be a combination of both a dining table and pool table.

Ideas for the kitchen

  • Some people like to have herb patches within their gardens.
  • There are others who design wine celeries which open from the kitchen going downwards.

Ideas for the bathroom

One of the coolest ideas is having a see through bathtub. It is different from the traditional Jacuzzis and open showers, yet it is very exciting.

Ideas for the outdoors

Those seeking to renovate can think of options other than the basic vegetable and fruit patches and barbeques. You can build an outdoor walk in swimming pool or you can transform the outdoors into a backyard cinema putting up a projector and screen and placing comfortable cushions to sit and enjoy movies.

Designing a house can be difficult but if done with thought it can be very exciting and rewarding.

Also check these links for design ideas:

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How I Restored The Artwork From Water Damage

Art work is fragile, so to speak. Once damaged, restoration can be a daunting task especially if you do not have any experience in doing so. I have had this experience; repairing damaged art work resulting from water. I know you are dying to know how I was able to do this. Well, you’re lucky as I am just in the mood to take you through this experience and tell you how it’s done. Read on to find out how you can preserve your artwork. Floods come, calamities happen, water may spill on your piece of art which is expensive. No need to throw it away though. With my guidelines, you can rest assured that you’ll get your valuable piece of art work to normalcy.

water on the artworkFirst, I removed the artwork from the source of water damage I did this so as to prevent the damage from getting worse than it already was. Delay during such times may end up costing you more than you imagined as it may render your artwork beyond restoration. After this, I was keen to observe what the problem may have been and realized it was a broken water pipe. In order to control the situation and avoid further damage, I sealed the broken part with a seal tape and called a water damage Miami company to come and handle the problem. This way, I was able to start working on the artwork in a more relaxed environment.

I then removed the frame from the painting. Paintings are joined to the frame by a canvas made of ground, which makes the frame hold the painting. Once water gets in, the bond between the ground and paint film is weakened. To this effect, I then placed the painting horizontal with the paint side up.

For the photos and art on paper, I removed the frame as aforementioned and dried them. I placed them in a dry space that had fans; I also put a towel, which absorbs the water under the photos. However, there were other options available and in case this method didn’t work, I would have used the freezing method where I’d put the photos in a freezer. The textiles did not need much work as air drying is enough to get them dry.

I had a bit of trouble with the furniture though, I mean, I am not a muscle person so getting them above water level was a bit of a struggle. Luckily, I managed to do this. I then removed all the books in the drawers and the files and paperwork too and left them in the sun to dry. I also kept the metalwork in the sun for drying.

In as much as it is possible to restore your artwork after water damage, it is important to get insurance cover for water damaged art. This is easy as you can incorporate it in your house insurance, just like I did. As an artist, I understand the importance of a piece of art. I have the experience of coming up with art work and the kind of challenges one experiences as they come up with an art piece making them so expensive. I insured all my art pieces s part of my house insurance so as to ensure that my investment does not go to the drain. I made this recommendation; of insuring artwork to the water company.

Having shared my experience with you, I am sure you’ve learnt a thing or two about restoring artwork after water damage. Put into practice what you’ve learnt and you’re good to go.

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How the Artist in Me Helped to Find Happiness

designingAs an artist, it is not always easy for me to get new ideas to come around as easily as you’d think it would work. I often struggle with trying to come up with different points, and it makes it harder for me to be my work done. However, I have begun to feel more confident about my skills in recent time as my work has helped me to realize just how talented I am and how I am unique and always able to change and do my best to be as great and proficient as it can be.

My art work helped me to realize that I do have skills that are special and valuable. My skills, in particular, are ones that focus heavily on creating unique and thrilling ideas. I found that by working hard on my assorted skills, it was easier for me to feel better about what I am and how I am trying to work on new ideas.The artist in me also helped me to realize that the things that I am doing are unique and special.

I am truly someone who is doing things in a different manner from the rest of the world because I am focusing less on trying to duplicate certain ideas and more on trying to be myself. I know that by doing things my own way, it will be easier for me to have a better overall life without worrying about being seen as the same as everyone else in the world. I am truly happier when I am doing things my own way without other people judging me for it.Also, my artistic skills have allowed me to tap into the world around me for inspiration. I have looked carefully into things that are of interest to me to get a closer idea of what I can do to be a better overall person and from what I have discovered, I am indeed a better person who has plenty of great things on my side.I also found happiness through how I am able to evolve in my work. I have learned over time that I am truly a special and unique person who can do anything and can easily create new ideas and concepts with the right thoughts and moves.My skills have helped me to realize that I am not as weak as the society might think. I am indeed a more proficient person in terms of my work thanks in part to how I have a great hold on my emotions and that I am indeed a strong person who knows the ins and outs of whatever I want to think about.Overall, I have been feeling very confident with regards to finding happiness and getting it to work for me.

I have felt as though I can do anything thanks to the strong skills that I have developed over time and the confidence that I hold in my skills. With this in mind, it is easier for me to be a happier and more proficient person in terms of what I can do for anyone.

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